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Standard Operating Procedure For Service / Site Visits

The customer calls on SERVICE is categorised as follows

  1. Installation&Commissioning
  2. Warranty service
  3. Out of warranty service

The above calls shall be entered in a register (customer calls register- soft copy).  Service calls is classified as follows

  1. Modifications
  2. Trouble shootings
  3. Attending of electrical/ mechanical issues in the panel
  4. Replacement of defective components

Response to above calls

  1. Within Bangalore- 24hours
  2. Outside Bangalore – 36 hours
  3. Outside Karnataka state – 48 hours

After attending site work- Site visit report shall be prepared(doc no – SVR-01 ) and duly signed by customer and kept in a file for ready reference

Site compliant related to sl no 2,3 and 4 shall be reviewed periodically and action shall be taken by raising NC to avoid repetitive of same issues and also for continual improvement.

Post-dispatch feedback is as follows

  1. Customer feedback after panel gets commissioned – as received from customer.
  2. Routine feedback- as reported in service report.

Product Services



Pre Commissioning


Warranty  and Non Warranty Service