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Modular Design

The totally bolted panels has an unique advantage for customers in terms of faster delivery, cost effectiveness and good quality and finish. Easy Maintenance with Less Down Time. The doors are reversible, modules interchangeable. These changes can also be done at site with less downtime. The entire panels are manufactured using a single profile.


Advantages of Modular Design

Fast Assembly

  •  The structure of the panel is made of single profile, bottom, top, side plate.
  •  Standardized designs adopted for base plates, internal partition, door mounting plates. The minimum size of the compartment is 250mm in multiple of 25mm in X, Y, Z axis.
  •  Construction in Form 1 to Form 4 including Single and Double front.
  •  Doors are with double bending and gasket used is EPDB “D” type.


  • Easy and time saving assembly with very few tools.
  •  All the materials can be kept in stock for fast delivery.
  •  Easy expansion of your solution at any time.
  •  Short delivery time.
  •  Adaptable to with stand harsh, wet and even hostile environment.
  •  Front and Rear side access possibilities.
  •  Freedom to select electrical components and switch gear from the component manufacturer you prefer.