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Following are the product features, technical data and methodologies strictly adhered to in our assembly line.

Rated Voltage:
Rated Operation voltage: 415V, 50Hz.

Rated Current: Ratings up to 3200 amperes

Ambient Temperature:
Design ambient temperature: standard 40*C.

Degree of Protection: Standard IP52, IP54 or 55. For IP65 a weatherproof housing is provided to cover the switchboard completely with a top canopy.

Construction: Unless otherwise specified, the sheet steel used is 1.6 /2.0 mm thick CRCA. The steelwork is of high quality and all openings and cutouts are machine made and free from burrs. The door lock features are flush and made of metal powder coated. The door hinge is of concealed type. The gaskets are of high quality neoprene rubber.

Bus Bars: Bus Bars are made of high conductivity aluminum alloy complying with the requirements of WP 63401 of IS 5082. High tensile bolts & spring washers are used for bus bar joints & connections are tightened to specified torques. Bus bars are available up to 3200A. The bus bars are rigidly supported at specified intervals using SMC/DMC supports to provide a fault withstand capacity of 50 KA RMS symmetrical for one second and a peak asymmetrical short circuit withstand of 105 KA minimum. An earth bar is fitted across the full width of the switchboard.

Cabling: Cable chambers are provided with liberal cable space and are also suitable for either cable entry or bus duct entry from top or bottom. Adequate numbers of cable riser supports are provided so that the effects of rated short circuit currents can be withstood. Barriers and shrouds are provided to permit safe working at the terminals of one circuit without accidentally touching those of another live circuit. For single core cables, non-magnetic cable glands are provided to eliminate heating.

Labels: Anodized aluminum designation labels are provided at the door, to identify the feeder no., rating and Switchgear, which are fitted in that module. All covers giving access to live parts are fitted with Danger / Caution labels. Internal labels are fitted where specified and as required.

Detachable gland plates are provided at the top and bottom of cabling chambers. Gland plants can also be provided at intermediate locations nearer to the Switchgear compartments if required.

Extension: The panels are extensible on both sides for future expansion as specified and required.

Instrumentation: Any type of metering and / or protection instruments, i.e. Voltmeters, Ammeters, Energy (KWH) meters, Indicating lamps, Maximum Demand Indicators, Power Factor Indicators, Frequency meter, Protection Relays etc can be provided as per requirement.